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We love all kinds of music at All Music Radio. We are an internet radio station and we play it all. Music is the spirit of our souls. We started in our internet radio station in November of 2012 and we have grown by God's grace to over 85,000 listeners worldwide and continue to grow everyday. Thanks for listening to All Music Radio we hope you keep listening to our station. We love music and we know that it impacts people worldwide. We just want to spread the beauty of music to all cultures, and races regardless of political or religious affiliations trough our All Music Radio internet radio station. This is evident through our listener ship which spreads the world over 50 different countries all over the world trough internet radio. Internet radio is a new medium to get customized radio broadcast. There are more stations on the internet than there are commercial stations. We at All Music Radio play what the commercial stations stop playing, or wont play.  Join us at All Music Radio we love you and we enjoy playing great music daily 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our internet radio station. Are you a new artist, send us your music and we will give a spin and give you feedback in terms of what our listeners are saying. While we play your music on our internet radio station here at All Music Radio, Not a bad deal so if you have new music email it to us in a mp3 format

Michael Fortune 

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Were on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your listening pleasure on our internet radio station. We appreciate you and because you do listen we have been listed in the top 20 of all Gospel Music Station.

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We will play your  mp3 formated  song 30 times once every day. As a bonus if you pay today we will play it 60 times twice a day for one low price of $100.00. You will be paid everytime it plays, so make sure your song is properly registered and is available for download on the popular download sites